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Muhammad fell in love with Zenyab, daughter of Jahsh, while she was the wife of Zayd bin Harithah, his own adopted son. Once, when he passed by the house of Zayd in the latter's absence, he was met by Zenyab wearing clothes which exposed her beauty. Muhammad's heart was inflamed.


It is reported that when his eyes fell upon her, he exclaimed, "Praise be to God who changes the hearts of men" and he repeated this expression at the time of his departure from her home. Zenyab heard him say this and noticed desire in his eye. Zenyab proudly reported this happening to her husband. Zayd immediately went to see the Prophet and offered to divorce his wife.


Muhammad answered, "Hold to your wife and fear God." Thereafter, Zenyab was no longer a docile wife and Zayd had to divorce her. Prophet Muhammad married Zenyab Bint Jahsh who was his daughter-in-law. That was definitely taboo in pre-Islamic Arabia, and the Prophet of Islam lifted this taboo in order to satisfy his own lust and fulfill his own desire

Muhammad's adopted Son readily agreed to Muhammad's proposal of marrying his wife. Otherwise Mohammed would have killed him for women whom he wanted to f uck!!.... It shows how Islam treated women.


They also relate that when Muhammad saw her she was half-naked, that her fine black hair was covering half of her body, and that every curve of her body was full of desire and passion. Others relate that when Muhammad opened the door of the house of Zayd the breeze played with the curtains of the room of Zenyab, thus permitting Muhammad to catch a glimpse of her stretched out on her mattress in a nightgown.

“It is not lawful for you (to marry other) women after this, nor to change them for other wives even though their beauty attracts you, except those (captives or slaves) whom your right hand possesses. And Allah is Ever a Watcher over all things.” Sarah 33:52. 


Muhammad Hussein Haikal, for one, in the course of "refuting" the claims of V. Vacca in the Encyclopedia of Islam regarding Zenyab, speaks about a "glorious deed" of Muhammad, which the orientalists and missionaries have turned into a romance. He says, "As to Zenyab Bint Jahsh, who has been wrapped up by orientalists and missionaries in an imaginary picture of romance and infatuation, true history judges that [Muhammad's act with] her was one of the glorious deeds of Muhammad. Being the perfect example of faith, he applied to her the Hadith that says, 'Man's faith is not made perfect till he loves for his brother what he loves for himself'.

Apologists conclude that it is one of the truly great facets of Muhammad's personality. It proves beyond question that Muhammad was the perfect exemplar of his own legislation, especially of such laws as were intended to replace the tradition and customs of pre-Islamic Arabia. He was the exemplar of the new system that God revealed through him as a mercy and guidance to mankind.


On the other hand, Arab custom and tradition demanded that the adopted son inherit from his adopted father, like the latter's legitimate children. And since this custom too was the object of Muhammad's attack, his choice of Zayd as the spear point of the first reform, would actually make of him -- if he were prepared to give up the inheritance to which Arabian custom gave him title -- the spearhead of another Islamic legislation prohibiting inheritance to any but the blood heirs and relatives of the deceased

This indeed furnished the revelation: "No believer, whether man or woman, has the freedom to choose otherwise than as God and His Prophet have resolved in any given case. To do so is to disobey God and His Prophet, to err and fall into manifest misguidance (Q.33: 37)” 

There is a considerable moral problem with such a self-serving revelation. It is quite clear that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was attracted to Zenyab before Zaid divorced her and it might well have been the true reason for the divorce itself. And Qur'anic verses do make clear that there was something going on before Zaid divorced Zenyab.


The entire melodrama: Zaid's divorce of Zenyab, Muhammad's marriage with Zenyab and subsequent revelations of several Qur'anic Ayats from Allah to purify this scandalous happening is something to ponder very seriously. There is more in this strange story.


That this action is immoral and this revelation/justification of it self-serving and not fitting for a true word of God is an important aspect, but not a contradiction within the Quran - even though contradicting the true character of God, who is moral purity. Prohibiting adoption is no way a moral action. Prohibitions of alcohol drinking, smoking, gambling, sorceries, killing, etc., could be a moral action. But why was there prohibition of adoption?


To summarize, the logical difficulty is that Allah (?) causes a scandal and then sends Gabriel to officially justify the scandalous action of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) with Qur'anic revelations is morally incorrect and too much of a coincidence.


God gave us brains to have common sense to protect us from following someone BLINDLY and without assessing his MISDEEDS, God gave us brains and common sense to assess when the false prophet has done incessant CRIMES. … And Muhammad gave many Indication that he was a sick minded perverted Bastard.  


And I think Muslims will be punished for not using common sense and knowing  that a man whom they are following was married a 6 year old child, and married his adopted sons wife… who was his Daughter in law, married against the Islamic rules of max 4, he had married to 15 ladies!!!.... He did fornication too by having Christian slave Maryam…


Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) cannot get away from the culpability of this salacious behavior of his with Zenyab. If he had this forthrightness in his mind, he would have vigorously fight with his conscience and not allow this marriage to go through. But the reality was quite the opposite. He had surrendered to his passion and thus had marred his "unblemished" character.


If all the Muslims in the present-day world follow Muhammad's inglorious example, seduce theirs daughter-in-law, and then cause a divorce and then to add insult to the injury marry her, what would happen then? Just think the consequences. In more enlightened society if a man does what Mohammad (pbuh) did with Zenyab he would be looked up as a lascivious character. Not all the Qur'anic Ayats of this world will be able to change that. To have faith is one thing, but to have a blind faith is another matter, altogether!